Sage Holder – Hand Built Ceramic Mugs


Clay type: White
Glaze: Blue and Acacia
Design: Sage Holder

SKU: WBA – Sage1

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These Sage Holder was made by the Artist “Love By C.C” Using the Wheel throwing Method with a clay which means they’re durable and functional.

These Sage Holder is a perfect holder for your sage incense and other incense for your mantra

They’re also a perfect gift for your friends and family with a slight interest on starting on their spiritual journey

You will not just help them start you will also help the “The How’s of Paws Animal Shelter” where 60% of the proceeds of these products will go to their shelter.

Product Details:

  • 500 grams of Clay
  • Blue and Acacia Glaze
  • Sage Holder
  • Perfect Gift for Someone on their Spiritual Journey
  • Wheel Thrown

Payment Details:

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Account Number: 005420127742

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Gcash Name: C.Cruz