About Us

THOP “The How’s of Paws” started rescuing cats and dogs in 2016 in metro Manila, with the help of ATV Adventures Rizal Located in Antipolo Rizal supporting the funding for medical treatments, food, and all the essential supplies. In the year 2021 “The How’s of Paws” shelter was constructed to properly help those who need our help. In the year 2020 during the pandemic era, “The How’s of Paws” rescued 108 cats and 30 dogs where some of them were adopted and found their new forever homes and there were a number of angels that crossed the rainbow peacefully. Help us raise the campaign to prevent unloved pets being left behind.

The How’s of Paws is located in Antipolo Rizal. Our mission is to raise an awareness to not abandon or leave the unwanted pets alone in the streets, and give the rescued cats and dogs another chance to find their new perfect fur parents and hopefully find their purrever home.

The How’s of Paws mission is to promote humane awareness towards our strays, to treat equally, properly give comfort and compassion through rehoming and education to prevent the overpopulating neglected strays in the nation.

To live our values and work with the same advocacy to end animal sufferings.

Sharing the passion, together we can build a community that can impact the society to raise an awareness and education. Both strays and domesticated pets deserves the equal love, care and attention.

Q. Can I Donate/Surrender my pets to “The How’s of Paws”?

A. “The How’s of Paws” does not condone on leaving or abandoning pets, therefore WE DO NOT ADOPT owned pets. The 100+ pets we have in the shelter are all rescued from cruelty and neglect and are waiting to be adopted.

If you need to give up your pets for some reason, it is your responsibility to re-home them and find their new loving fur parents.